Steffi & Simon

Basically I started my biking live on the so called "Holland-Bike" a standard tour bike with a steel frame, 3 gears... After I met Simon, I got my first MTB years ago.

Even doing 60 km/h on tarmac, trails and especially steep sections were a big challenged at first. I like the huge variety of opportunities you have during a ride on a trail or in a Bike-Park! Its creating simply fun! Most important is being outside and enjoying

In the meantime I am riding a trail weapon from Forbidden - The Druid... 

I'm riding MTB's since mid of 90's (back then steel frames from Marin & Trek) . At that time trails or Bike-Parks as we know them today did not exist.

My first Fully had a red RS Judy DH with 80mm of travel and was a Hot Chili X-Rage.

With millenium change some ways caused me to leave biking, but finally I am back into my old passion and in the saddle since quite a while.

Through several stations we touched grounds at the Swabian Alb some years ago and enjoy biking and trails. The pure development of sports and bikes within last 10-15 years is simply outstanding. There is endless possibilties.